Roasted Garlic Broccolini

Roasted broccolini with minced garlic lightly seasoned with salt and pepper. Simple to make, this roasted garlic broccolini is the perfect side for your main dish. A few months ago, after I attended a friend’s wedding in Sonoma County, some of my friends and I headed to Farmstead in St Helena for dinner. Every dish…

Flygbiljetterna faller i pris – under hela 2016 | SvD

Priserna för att flyga blir allt lägre. Framför allt gäller det långdistansflygningar. Oljeprisfallet bidrar till att priserna väntas fortsätta ned under resten av året.

via Flygbiljetterna faller i pris – under hela 2016 | SvD.

Hot om nya strejker i Lufthansa avvärjt

Flygbolaget Lufthansa har träffat en preliminär uppgörelse om löner och pensioner med facket för kabinpersonal. I uppgörelsen ingår en plan för medling inom andra områden där parterna inte kunnat enas om frågorna.

SVD- Artikel

The plane cabin of the future

WHILE economy class seats are shrinking and customers have to fork out for everything from peanuts to a blanket, business and first classes are getting more bells and whistles every week.


US aeroplane manufacturer Boeing has just unveiled its cabin of the future — it includes celestial ceiling projections and curved TV screens.

But down in cattle class, passengers are still as cramped as ever.

Boeing reveals next generation

Air travel challenges

Traveling can be stressful, and it’s natural for your patience to wear thin. Lately, however, it seems that travelers patience has been wearing extremely thin, given the recent passenger quarrels over reclining seats.

Also, with travel etiquette being such a hot topic in the travel scene, we did a little research and found out which faux pas don’t sit well with frequent travelers. Check them out below the “Golden Rules of Flying.”

  1. Be kind

Research shows that the biggest travel annoyance is passengers who are rude to the flight crew and staff … and we have a feeling that the flight crew and staff aren’t big fans of being treated poorly either. Remember that they have a job to do.  They’re there to ensure you’re safe and comfortable, so treat them with respect. They’ll appreciate it and so will those around you.

  1. Be prepared

Being prepared will help de-stress your travels and help you avoid some major faux pas.

Traveling with children? Think about your travels before hand. Try to adjust nap times so your kiddos will sleep on the plane, making things easier for you and your fellow passengers. If that’s not possible, or if it’s an extra long flight, don’t forget to bring distractions and snacks to keep your children occupied and content. If you expect that your child will be a little cranky on the plane, pack a few goody bags filled with candy and earplugs for your aisle mates. They’ll appreciate the nice gesture and be more forgiving about any episodes.

You should also be prepared with the proper luggage. Know the rules and restrictions ahead of time and pack accordingly. Don’t bring on an oversized carryon or more than two personal items. This will help ensure you don’t take up more than your fair share of bin space.

Always try to use the bin space directly above your seat. If there isn’t room try to put it in a bin above the aisles ahead of you. Having to grab a bag from a bin behind you will complicate and slow down the deplaning process.

  1. Communicate

Communication is key when flying. It’s common courtesy to give the passenger in the middle seat both armrests–they already got the short end of the stick. But if they aren’t utilizing them, just ask! If there’s an empty seat between you and another passenger don’t spread out and claim it for your own. Assume it’s a shared area. Ask if your aisle-mate minds if you use the extra space for your backpack or to cross your legs.

Communication can also be a great help in this endless debate surrounding reclining seats. If you know you’re going to want to recline, mention something to the person behind you when boarding. A simple “hey, I’m pretty exhausted and have a long business trip ahead of me, would you mind if I reclined a little later on so I could get some rest,” will go a long way.

  1. Be aware

General awareness during your travels will also go a long way in helping you avoid a good number of these flying faux pas. Nearly half of travelers get annoyed by those who talk too loudly on a plane. Be aware of your noise level and limit the chatting to those in your aisle.

Also, be aware of those around you. Not everyone is going to enjoy the smell of your tuna sandwich, so make sure you eat that, or any other smelly food, before boarding. Also, make sure you aren’t blocking the aisle or reclining your seat on the 6’8” man behind you using his laptop. Notice those around you and use good judgment.

  1. Be patient

We’re all anxious to get to our destination. After long lines and even longer flights, it’s understandable that everyone’s patience is running low. But attempt to hold on to your patience and trust the system. If everyone goes with the flow, things will go much quicker.

Prime example: getting off the plane.

Don’t rush to go before the aisle ahead of you. This will only slow things down. Same goes for the baggage claim area. Stand back until you see your bag. Standing close and blocking the area for others will only create chaos.

1. Travelers being rude to crew/ staff (62%)

2. People who don’t discipline their children when they’re misbehaving or disturbing other passengers (57%)

3. Someone that crowds your seat and/or hogs the “extra” middle seat (51%)

4. Travelers talking loudly on the plane (49%)

5. People blocking the baggage claim area for others (44%)

6. Those that recline their seat into your seating area (44%)

7. People that bring stinky food on the plane (44%)

8. Travelers that hog the carry-on bin (43%)

9. Those that rush off the plane versus waiting for passengers in front to exit (41%)

10. People who block the aisles during a flight (41%)




The place to be in Bangkok

Aloft is the place to be in Bangkok, both for business and pleasure. Aloft Bangkok – Sukhumvit 11 is just steps from the best shopping, nightlife, and dining destinations, and a quick 5-minute stroll to Nana BTS Skytrain and MRT Subway stations for easy access to Bangkok’s biggest attractions.

Aloft Bangkok – Sukhumvit 11 offers jet-setting style at a steal and brings urban cool to unexpected places, where anything can happen: energy flows, personalities mingle and opportunities abound.

For business this hotel has all the modern gadget, fast service and good meeting facilities. All equipped with iPad, Macs and iPhone solutions. Free tsk-tuk service helps a lot.

Minimalistic packing on business

The key to minimalist business travel is having the lightest possible modern gear, and finding accessories and clothes that are as multi-functional as possible. It’s often more about what you don’t take than what you do take. Please check my packling list (in Swedish)Continue reading “Minimalistic packing on business”

Zurek soup, a Polish delight

The sour rye soup (Polish: żur, żurek; Belarusian: жур, кісяліца; Czech: kyselo) is a soup made of soured rye flour (akin to sourdough) and meat (usually boiled pork sausage or pieces of smoked sausage, bacon or ham). It is specific to the cuisines of Poland and Belarus, where it is known as żur or żurek (diminutive). A variant made with wheat flour instead of rye is known in Poland as barszcz biały (“white borscht“). Varieties of this soup are also found in the cuisines of other western Slavic nations such as Slovakia (kyslóvka) and Czech Republic (kyselo – with mushrooms and without meat).img_0027_23008999724_o

HRTP Japan

Since the first session in 1987, more than 600 companies across Europe have benefited from knowledge and concrete tools for better approaching the Japanese market.

The 4-week Human Resources Training Programme – Japan Industry Insight offers EU managers the unique opportunity to experience and understand both the cultural and economic elements which define and explain Japan’s business and technological achievements. Continuously improved to meet the latest expectations about business in Japan, the HRTP provides EU businessmen with a professional Japan-related expertise.

The programme consists of a combination of lectures, a joint seminar and company visits and is designed to help participants become thoroughly informed about the actual conditions of Japanese business through practical analysis and research. This involves a better comprehension of the language, economy, history and politics of the country, as well as practical business experiences, which takes place in the HRTP. The 4-week course may be extended by an optional 5th week of individual company visits.

• How to succeed in Japan now?
• Do you wish to gain in-depth insight into the Japanese business environment?
• Do you require a better understanding of your Japanese partners or competitors?
• Do you need to learn more about Japanese management practices?
• Are you about to be transferred to Japan?
• Are you considering venturing into the Japanese market?

EU Gateway to Japan

Business spot of Phnom Penh

Perched on the idyllic setting of Tonle Sap River, banks of the Chaktomuk River, be immersed by the essence of serenity at Himawari Hotel Apartments; a five-star establishment. Enjoy splendid views of Mekong Delta in a tranquil resort haven. Be pampered in the Himawari Suites and Apartments where you can enjoy the privacy and comfort of home.

Himawari Hotel Apartments was first launched as Micasa Hotel Apartments on 20 June 2001 by His Excellency Samdech HUN SEN, Prime Minister of The Royal Government of Cambodia. In Japanese, its means Sunflower and here at the Himawari, we always seek to project our cheerfulness, friendliness and the serenity likened to a bed of sunflowers blooming under the glorious sunlight. I can seriously invite you to experience this unique Khmer hospitality.

FCC Cambodia

The Foreign Correspondents’ Club in Phnom Penh, capital of Cambodia, is a public bar and restaurant along the Tonle Sap river, not far from the conjunction with the Mekong river. It is often referred to as ‘the FCC,’ or just simply ‘the F.’

It is in a three-storey colonial-style building with wonderful views over the river.

The FCC in Phnom Penh is not a private club, like other Foreign Correspondents’ Clubs around the world, but members from reciprocal clubs (like the FCC Hong Kong) get a 10% discount on food and drinks.

The FCC in Phnom Penh has nine hotel rooms. They also have a hotel, restaurant and bar in Siem Reap, the gateway to Angkor Wat.

The sweet spot of Singapore

The multicultural city of Singapore provides a unique journey for travelers and staying in my hotels in this city can make it even more exceptional. My Orchardgateway Hotel, located right in the heart of the famous Orchard Road, has direct access to four main shopping malls for great shopping and restaurants of various cuisines. At the fringe of Orchard Road is my Tanglin Hotel, connected to Tanglin Mall and just a short walk away from the serene Botanic Gardens.

Orchardgateway Hotel has direct access to the Somerset MRT and at Tanglin Hotel, a free shuttle bus is provided for you to the nearest Orchard MRT. Taxis are available too right by the front door of my hotels in Singapore giving you no excuse not to be able to explore the city. You will be surprised finding out how much you  can do and what the city has to offer.


The Jen Hotel Singapore

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