About TravelCreek

The Author

I am a 52 year old business traveller who have visited over 70 countries in the past 25 years that I have been an active business person.

Mostly I visit large industrial hub, capital cities and business districts. However as I am interested in scuba diving, history and culture I always make sure I get the opportunity to visit remote places, djungel spots and exotic dive sites.

In my early career I visited mainly eastern Europe and Russia, later on I travelled central and south Europe. In the past 8 years I have been mostly active in Far East South East Asia and Oceania.

During the mid 90’s I lived five yeras in Gdansk, Poland, working with B2B development nationwide. In 2001 I moved to South Africa to continue my career in B2B development.

In 2002 I participated in an EU-Japan Human Relations Training Program for international business in Tokyo, Japan.

Due to Covid-19, travelling has been cancelled since end of February when I conducted my last international trip in 2020.



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