Travel by air

Traveling can be stressful, and it’s natural for your patience to wear thin. Lately, however, it seems that travelers patience has been wearing extremely thin, given the recent passenger quarrels over reclining seats. 

These are my findings and recommendations when travelling by air.

Travel light, use small/compact handluggage if have have checked in baggage.

Use electronic documents rather than printed material to save weight.

Look for aisle seat at emergency exit or in the forward part of the cabin.

Use seat advisor/seat guru to locate best sests.

If travelling with Gold/Platinum card, make use of priority boarding and lounge access.

Remember to make books and music downloaded on your devices for offline usage.

Be kind and polite it is always rewarding and dont be afraid to ask for assistance, more coffe or another sandwich.


Published by Håkan Ekstrand

Travels extensively in business and love culture, photography and filosophy

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