Minimalistic packing on business

The key to minimalist business travel is having the lightest possible modern gear, and finding accessories and clothes that are as multi-functional as possible. It’s often more about what you don’t take than what you do take. Please check my packling list (in Swedish)

Use small pack

The larger the pack, the more likely you are to try and fill it, so stay small to make yourself to pack lighter. Plus, if you stick with a carry-on size, you’ll save yourself time and hassle at the airports. Once you have your bag, lets go.

Layer up

You are likely to encounter many different climates when travelling globally. Instead of packing bulky, cold weather clothes along with hot weather ware, bring a selection of flexible, lightweight clothing.

Rather than a thick jacket, pack a lightweight fleece and a wind resistant, waterproof jacket. That way, on cold days you’ll be insulated by the fleece and protected by the jacket. And if you get caught in warm, rainy weather, you can wear the jacket to stay dry without overheating. Do the same with necessary formal wear for your business meetings.

As for bottoms, why take shorts and pants when you can have one item that does both? Convertible pants can be worn as shorts, and then converted to long pants on cooler days.


Leave as many electronics behind as possible. For the ones you do bring, there is no reason to have more than one power adapter that will work in all of the countries you visit. The inclusion of a USB port on your adapter charger means you can get away with bringing only the cord for many of your devices.

Take advantage of your smartphone.

These days, most of us carry seriously advanced smartphones everywhere we go. If you’re going to bring yours, take advantage of its capabilities and avoid doubling up on things. Leave flashlights, paper books, maps, and big cameras at home; your phone can stand in for all of those things.Take pictures of VISA’s and passports.

Use travel app like TripIt to monitor your flights and lodging

Lightweight laptop or iPad

Consider a Macbook Air or Chromebook that will let you keep in touch with the world back home and easily share all your amazing adventures as you go, without weighing you down too much. iPad also works well.

Light boots

Unless you are planning to do some serious wilderness hiking during your trip, hiking boots are a heavy and unnecessary addition to your travel gear list. Instead, get lightweight, breathable walking shoes that are good for multiple climates. If you are expecting very cold weather, just wear an extra pair of socks to keep your toes warm.



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